Chapters plan events, publish newsletters, and keep the local dialogue rolling on the importance of the UN and the US’ constructive role in the UN and the global community.Chapters and contact groups in Iowa join the over 150 UNA-USA chapters across the United States and WFUNA chapters across the globe! Members of local chapters are also members of the Iowa UNA and of UNA-USA..

UNA Chapters in Iowa

Cedar Valley UNA Chapter


Bob Huber, President

Des Moines UNA Chapter


Heather Livingood, Co-President


Elizabeth Blind, Co-President

.Johnson County UNA Chapter


Jean Lloyd-Jones, President.

Linn County UNA Chapter


Christopher Dahle, President




UNA Student Organizations in Iowa

.University of Iowa United Nations Association

Contact:  Alexa Sandon, President

Find the U of I UNA’s facebook page here!